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Launched in the 1990’s by Mark E. Watson III, Aquila Capital Partners backs talented entrepreneurs creating transformational companies. We provide financial and intellectual capital, taking a collaborative approach to building businesses that will shape the world for generations to come.

One of Watson’s early investments was in Argo Group (NYSE:ARGO), in the specialty underwriting sector, twenty years ago. At the time, Argo was a $300 million underwriter nearing insolvency. Fast-forward two decades, Argo is now a thriving public company, with 10 times more revenue, clients in 60 countries, and thousands of new jobs created.

Principal Founder

Mark E. Watson III

Mark E Watson III is a creator and builder. An investor and serial entrepreneur for over three decades, and a noted philanthropist, Watson has built two public companies and is credited with pioneering a new approach to specialty insurance and reinsurance.

Through Aquila Capital Partners, a proprietary capital investment fund founded in 1998, Watson backs the next generation of entrepreneurs building innovative, technology-enabled companies.

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Mark Watson proposes government reinsurance backstop for pandemic

Attempts to stimulate the US economy amid the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic will not work without the introduction of a government reinsurance backstop for pandemic, according to Mark Watson, founder and principal of Aquila Capital Partners and former CEO of Argo...

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